mac cosmetics sale uk

Mac Cosmetics Sale Uk

Mac Cosmetics Sale Uk How to Do Your Makeup Like Kate Middleton Neutralize the eyes with a little paint pop by MAC cosmetics. This will remove any sort of redness or tiredness. You can use it on its own or it will help to make eyeshadow stay on better.

Put it just right in the corners and just blend down into the darkest point of the eye. Simply dab that on and blend it in smoothly with your fingers. mac cosmetics sale You want it to look quite glowing still, so dab a little bit of a cream blush and that just gives that real dewiness to the skin. The best way is if you just smile and just go for the apples of the cheeks; blend that up like you would if you were applying a normal blusher but just working that all the way around and blending that until all the colours disappear, until the edges are blended in, and that just gives a dewy, peachy effect.

If you've got slightly oily skin, you can still do this but just add a little bit of powder mac cosmetics on sale  to set it. This will ensure that your lovely peach is a colour that's very natural-looking. Use a nice liner all the way around the eyes, with little flicking motions all the way round the eye; it's quite a thick line and you can work that upwards. Most of the time Kate wears a sort of black eyeliner but she has mac cosmetic sale also defined her eyes using a blue liner to match her royal blue dress.

Make it a bit darker and put a bit of blue over the top.

Look up, and add quite a thick line underneath. You can coat that with a little bit of mascara to define the lashes a bit more. Then, clean it up.

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Mac Cosmetics Sale MAC Cosmetics finally opened in Rustan Alabang Town Center today. Instead of the current Archie Collection, they Nicki Minaj Viva Glam splashed on their wall. The sleek black counter and the fiercely made-up Amazons were such a striking contrast to the rest of the soft and makeup brands in Alabang like Chanel, Laura Mercier, and Lancome. While NARS also brings in a similar downtown vibe, MAC dominates with the bigger counter space. mac cosmetics online 

I apologize for the lousy pictures. We not really allowed to take pictures inside Rustan so this is the result of myguerrilla tactics (where in I imitate my mother trying to read a SMS without her glasses on).

Anyway, I do suggest that all southern girls pass by. Not only has the local MAC amped up their hygiene practice, but practically all the testers are brand-spankingly new.

Look how smooth the shadows are!

And how sharp and crisp the tubes Heaven!

I supposed to be on a makeup shopping embargo since my Hong Kong splurge, but this is a special occasion! It MAC for heaven sake. Even though it was Cover Girl who first enchanted me with their 90s ads, it was the MAC counter in Glorietta 4 that first gave me that funny feeling in my stomach. My first self-earned splurge was on two eyeshadows: mac cosmetics coupons Mystery and Goldmine. Even when Shu Uemura lorded over the local makeup scene during the Gucci Gang era, I was a loyal MAC devotee, obsessing over their Studio Fix foundations and Fluidlines.

MAC lipsticks also hold a special place in my heart. I remember filching Retro from my mother, reasoning that she looked better with reds anyway. While my Chanel collections is now fast catching up, MAC remains the clear winner. Just last year I found myself scrounging for the Marilyn Monroe collection in 3 different continents. I finally found it in the Dubai airport, where a kind sales associate took pity on me and let me purchase Charmed I Sure, Love Goddess, and Deeply Adored. A line promptly followed as one woman after the other caught a site of the lovely red lipsticks.

So what did I end up buying in MAC Alabang? Well, a tube of lipstick of course! Chatterbox elicited the most number of nods from all the ladies who mac cosmetics sale uk were playing with the makeup (one elegant lady told me to get it, after showing me her makeup kit that had 3 MAC lipsticks. obsessed with MAC! she declared.). Just so it wouldn feel alone, I also caved and finally bought 2 classic Eye Kohls: Teddy and Powersurge.

Mac Cosmetics Sale Uk  Friendly Makeup Brush Plato once wrote that "a woman without paint is like food without salt". Indeed, the great philosopher was right. Women, even during the ancient times apply makeup on their faces. They already had this idea that to enhance their beauty; they need to put color on their faces. The history of makeup could be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, but it does not mean that they were the first people to use makeup. They were only the first people who documented the importance of makeup as part of the culture. Because of the Egyptians' awareness for soft skin and seductive eyes, they used natural ingredients like unguent, kohl, hydrating substance, and soot to beautify the skin and their appearance. Mac Cosmetics Sale Uk 

With the passage of time, cosmetics like face makeup have evolved too. Nowadays, we can find varied brand names of makeup in the market-all of them promise to beautify and enhance the appearance and conceal the evidence of aging in the woman's face. From eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, eye lash enhancer, blush on, and primer, name it the market has something for you. Among the popular makeup brands in the market, Mac cosmetics are among the top list particularly the Mac Brushes. In this article, let us identify what makes the Mac Brushes the favorite Mac Cosmetics products. So, what makes Mac makeup brushes different from any other makeup brush on the market? Also, why the fuss Mac Cosmetics Sale Uk  about makeup brushes when, in fact, a brush is just a brush? Is it? One of the best characteristic of Mac brushes is the material from which the brush is made. While the majority of the makeup brushes are made from animal hair, the Mac brushes, on the other hand, are made from synthetic fibers. Let us see the why people love to use Mac makeup brush. Without a doubt, makeup brushes made from animal hair are easier to control during application, blend, and create a natural look without the fear of contamination from using your fingers. However, its downside lies on the idea that the strands of hair comes from THE animals. Even if manufacturers claim that no animals were harmed when the furs were collected, still it cannot be denied that animals like squirrel, goat, sheep or horse were hurt or even killed when those strands of hair on your makeup brush were collected. Don't tell me that the animals were comfortably sitting on the couch during the Mac Cosmetics  process of collecting the hair.

On the other hand, the synthetic brushes are better than the animal hair because such materials are hypoallergenic and are safe for women with sensitive skin. Also, they don't harbor bacteria like animal hair does; thus, you are assured of a soft and clean brush.

There are women who are allergic to animal hair, and most of them don't know it. Brushes with synthetic fibers don't cause harm to skin that brushes with animal hair do. Mac Cosmetics Sale 

With all that said, I can conclude that; indeed, Mac makeup brushes are way better than any other makeup brushes available.